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About Us
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Who are we?

Emerald Financial is a financial services firm founded in Melbourne in 2005.

We offer a diversified range of services, including; stock research and data, education courses, portfolio services, and financial news.

Over the years, we have educated thousands of Australians to trade equities and derivative markets.

Today, we look after our large retail and wholesale client base that actively trade through our trusted team of advisors.

Most importantly, we pride ourselves on our level of support that allows for friendly, long-term relationships.

Michael Cornips
Founder and Managing Director

Having worked in the financial services industry across various executive roles over the past 40 year, Michael now leads Emerald Financial Group. At Emerald, Michael has been able to enhance the suite of client services over time by integrating new technologies emerging through the digital age.

Sam Green
Equities and Derivatives Advisor

Sam is an experienced equity and derivatives Adviser that specialises in Australian markets having built several successful quantitative data models for Australian sharemarket. Sam has been part of the team since 2014, developing expertise in Exchange Traded Options as both an Adviser and Executing Trader.

Karo Cornips

Joining the team at TradersCircle in 2011, Karo has extensive experience in investing education and derivatives trading. 

With a focus on technical analysis for Options and Warrants, Karo works closely with clients to learn how to trade ASX markets and ensure they have the tools to make informed trading decisions.

Ben Farkas
Options & Equities Analyst

Joining the team at TradersCircle in 2017, Ben has experience in investing education and derivatives trading, as well as equity investing. One of Ben’s greatest pleasures about working at TradersCircle is assisting clients grow their knowledge and understanding by actively monitoring them to identify opportunities through advanced trading strategies to benefit from directional movement.

Alfred Chan

Alfred is an Analyst for Emerald Financial Group that specialises in the small caps space, gaming and wagering. Prior to joining Emerald Financial, he had a strong background in sports data modelling and analytics. 

Utilising digital media and the limitless potential of new technologies, Alfred is passionate about sharing good business stories and opportunities with the investor community.

Joanne Prior
Compliance and Operations Manager