ETF Portfolios


Our Emerald Portfolio service was founded by a team of experienced financial advisers who wanted to give clients simple, low cost portfolio options. Our aim is to provide retail clients with geographical and asset-class diversification that would usually be in the realm of institutional investors. To achieve this, we focus on the use of exchange-traded funds (ETF’s), which allow us to provide low-cost portfolios to almost any proactive investor. Performance is of course our main directive, but what makes us stand out from competitors is our level of support, transparency, and mutual appreciation with our clients.

We ensure all portfolio changes are run by, discussed with, and approved by you the investor.

Investment in our Emerald Portfolios are held on your own individual Holder Identification Number (HIN) so you retain full legal and beneficial ownership. There is no custody risk since all cash and investments are always held in your name.


With a focus on local and international equities, this portfolio is for those looking for broad yet selective exposure to share markets. The major assets in this portfolio are handpicked to focus on growth and performance. Ideal for the investor seeking returns with a longer-term investment timeframe and a greater relative risk appetite.


Our balanced portfolio is all about diversification and finding the middle ground of risk/reward. Its for investors that don’t want to sacrifice returns but equally see the importance of defensive assets.


With the majority of funds allocated to bonds and fixed interest, this portfolio is designed for safety during the more tumultuous market environments. This option is designed for investors happy to take a shorter-term, lower risk view while still remaining partially diversified across Australian and International markets.