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Use the same software as stockbrokers and professionals

Online ASX Options Trading – Professional Software

Iress Pro is a market data interface that offers a high degree of flexibility, scalability, and customisation. It seamlessly integrates with your portfolio and cash management account, and comes with a comprehensive set of advanced market analysis tools.

Pro delivers both real-time and historical market data, catering to a diverse range of users, including institutional and private client dealing rooms, fund managers, research departments, corporations, and private traders.

Most importantly, Pro allows sophisticated traders to trade products such as ASX Options and even trade using Tailer Made Combinations (TMC)’s.

  • Ability to place combination trades into the market yourself,
  • Access to live depth and charting, with market makers breakdown.
  • Quote request and DDE links into Excel for live option and stock pricing.
  • Wide range of data downloads going back 20 years across a range of stocks, commodities and indices. 
  • Improves ability to get the correct and accurate pricing traders have been looking for.

Additionally through us you will receive:

  • Unlimited comprehensive phone support from our team of advisers
  • Access to the TradersCircle Members Website
  • Access to Options Calculator
  • Access to Emerald Equities stock research

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