Research Note - Crowd Media

ai 20072021

The Advisors at Emerald Financial recently released a report on Crowd Media (ASX: CM8), here are some of the key highlights:

  • $2.8m financial turnaround delivered in FY20 to be underlying EBITDA positive;
  • Business transformation to re-position as an artificial intelligence (AI) company;
  • Growth by partnership with establishment of the AI Alliance with leading AI players around the world;
  • Talking Head Platform on track for commercialisation in 2022;
  • Consistent development updates delivered to the market;
  • Crowd’s ownership of the Q&A platform to form the ‘engine’ that will power the Talking Head platform;
  • Start-up profile but with $12+ million revenue being generated by Crowd’s existing technology;
  • Pivoting from B2C model to B2B with commencement of first SaaS licensing deal in April 2021;
  • Conversational commerce market in the US is estimated to reach USD $130 billion by 2025;
  • Net tangible asset backing for each Crowd share has improved by a factor of 11.75x from 0.08 cents to 0.94 cents per share;
  • High takeover target possibility with voice-to-audio capabilities non-existent in the current market that has huge valuations on text-only AI.

To download it in full for free, simply register in the form provided.

*CM8 has engaged Principal IR, which is a related entity to Emerald Financial, on retainer to assist with Investor Communications. Director/s of Emerald Financial Group hold shares in CM8.